“A crown per heartbeat” in Sweden

On March 14th, Samuel Andersson from the ULUND team spoke at an event called “en krona per hjärtslag” (“a crown per heartbeat”) in Helsingborg, Sweden. The public event organized by high school students from Johannes Hedberggymnasiet, aimed to raise funds for cardiovascular research by collecting as many Swedish crowns as there are heartbeats in 2 hours (duration of the event).

In his talk entitled “Hjärt-kärlsjukdomar och forskning – en kort historia” (“Cardiovascular diseases and research – a short story”), Samuel discussed the history of cardiovascular research and immunology introducing his PhD research, focusing on studying B cells and their role in atherosclerosis.

Samuel emphasized how the activities at ULUND have contributed to cardiovascular research through SCAPIS, FIMCOD, and other studies that have led to compounds being tested in clinical trials. Overall, the event was a great success, surpassing the original fundraising goal by almost three times.

Photo by Rickard Lindblom