• Identification of ABC related genetic, transcriptional and protein markers with prognostic value in (sub)-clinical atherosclerosis
  • Establish causal role for the discovered ABC related biomarkers 
  • Develop a proof-of-concept novel CAR T-cell strategy to target pro-atherogenic ABCs


Organized in seven work packages (WPs), from which four are scientific (WP2,3,4,5) focused on characterization of ABCs and the self-reactive antibodies they produce and the identification of autoantigens in CVD (WP2), identification biomarkers for CVD in large population-based cohorts (WP3) and construction of  targeting moieties for UniCAR T-cells (WP5).

The non-scientific WPs (WP1,6,7) are focused on project coordination (WP1), dissemination, communication and exploitation (WP6) and cardiogenomics portfolio activities (WP7). The activities in WP7 are key to overcome shared challenges, increase impact in the scientific community, strengthening the EU research community and stimulate business opportunities regarding cardiogenomics portfolio.

Expected impact

  • improved diagnosis of (sub)clinical atherosclerosis 
  • new preventative treatments of atherosclerosis 
  • creating competitive jobs while supporting early career scientists 
  • fostering awareness of CVD in the general public